Strength & Conditioning Workouts



Middle School Fall League Strength & Conditioning

This group will be for the Middle School wrestlers in the MS Fall League that are looking to get extra workouts in the weigh room before practices starting on October 15 and run through November 14th and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to get with Coach Warman and get bigger/faster/stronger/etc. before heading up to MSWL practice.

Fee for this group is $45. We strongly encourage all wrestling in the Middle School League to join this weight training group! Please contact us if the fee is an issue and we will find a way to get your wrestler in the room.

Details About Programs

Youth Training Programs

Goals: 9-12 years old

  1. Build a foundation 

  2. Teach proper movement mechanics

  3. Correct Improper form

  4. Encourage the athlete the benefits of stability, mobility

  5. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

    These 5 goals are the main focus of our youth training program. We like to teach our young athletes the importance of developing good habits, work ethic, and the commitment it takes to reach their goals!!

High School Programs

Goals: 13-18 years old

  1. Building on that foundation built from the Youth Program 

  2. With the developed movement mechanics we focus  on strength, power output(explosiveness), multi-directional movement (agility), speed, and injury prevention 

  3. Encourage the athletes to engage in a competitive and confident environment that helps each individual work towards their main goals (pushing each other to be the best version of themselves) 

  4. Have FUN! 

These 4 goals are the foundation that we are looking for in our high school training program! We like our high school athletes to build on their habits obtained through the youth programs and sports practices. These good habits help build character, responsibility, work ethic, and most importantly build their foundation for the future!

Ultimately there are 10 things that take 0 talent, but will get you 100% RESPECT, being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra, being prepared!